• Are you looking for 10 minutes in the day for you?

    Here are some ways you could achieve this:
    1. Get out of bed 10 minutes earlier ... No chance
    2. Say ‘no’ more often ... Maybe
    3. Learn some new habits ... Easy (when you use Smart Advice)

    Smart Advice is a hub of tips and tricks aimed at helping you find 10 minutes in your day for you.

      From this hub you have access to:
      1. Business tips – giving you access to business book reviews, tips on money, marketing etc. Just click on the category that you are interested in and see our tips.
      2. Favourites – here are some business applications that Michelle uses to assist her to be more organised.
      3. Or, our other Smart sites - PC Smart and Smart Learning.
    1. “Technology Made Simple” Book – available as Ebook or Print version


      You know what your business will be about. You're ready to set fire to the world. BUT you are not sure about the technology you need to run a successful business.

      This book will provide you with a practical guide of “what” technology you need to consider to launch and develop an ongoing successful micro-small business.

      Topics include:

      1. Developing your online presence

      2. Exploring where your software will reside

      3. What software you will need to manage your business

      4. What hardware you should consider and much more!

      Purchase your E-version: Click Here
      Purchase your Paper back version: Click Here

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