The Internet has become the new Colosseum of retailing competition

Here are a few interesting facts Katie Mihell (Head of Women in Focus CBA) learnt during a presentation by Ralph Waters, Chairman of Woolworths Limited at Trans-Tasman Chairmen’s Insights Series (December 2013):

  • Only 7% of the market shops at Woolworths for all their grocery needs
  • Independent grocery retailers have actually grown market share in recent years
  • Woolworths employs 180 000 Australians, 150 new employees start work every day, it makes an annual contribution of $7 billion to the nation’s wage bill and $111 billion to the Australian economy
  • 100% of its meat and 96% of its fresh produce is sourced from Australian growers, the other 4% is counter-seasonal or produce where Australia has an insufficient supply
  • Of its 60,000 lines, only 6% are private labels, at Aldi, 95% of its stock is its own brand
  • More than $1 billion of its sales are online

Mr Waters was speaking to the challenges of competition in the Australian supermarket retailing industry.

Commonwealth Bank – Interesting posts

Here are some links that I have enjoyed from the Commonwealth Bank Women in Focus newsletter:

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