Excel Favourite 10 tips

My favourite 10 tips in Excel that everyone says “if only I had known”, including:

  • formulas that everyone should know about (and not SUM);
    • including IF, SUMIF
  • a picture is worth a thousand …
    • charts
    • conditional formatting
    • sparkline
  • nifty things with the Data Filter feature
    • including custom filters, subtotalling lists

Then to finish the session, you will do an exercise that will pull your learnings together by “Work with a downloaded MasterCard statement, you will work out how much you spent on ….”  [a little frightening I know!]

How will this courses benefit you? At least a saving of 10 minute per day of your valuable time, by:

  • not having to ring someone to ask how to do it;
  • not having to look up Dr Google (if you know what to type in as the problem); and
  • having a lower level of frustration when working with the Microsoft products.
Nearly forgot the price, $135 per person (plus GST).

To reserve a seat, please drop Michelle a line

Participant Name

Next course – December’17

The session will be a max of 3 hours, limited to a small group, and held at a venue with good tea/coffee.
Prerequisites & Preparation

  • Participants should have a general familiarity with Excel.
  • Please BYO laptop with Microsoft Office installed
    (Windows laptop with Office 2010, 2013, or 2016 is recommended.  With a Mac, Excel 2011 minimum).
  • It is also highly recommended that you bring a mouse and mouse pad.
  • Please inform us if you do not have a laptop – we have 2 that can be used (free of charge).
  • Michelle will be using a Windows Laptop with Office 2013.
  • Participants will be emailed case study files prior to session which should be downloaded to their desktop.
  • This is an interactive class, and your participation and questions are encouraged.